About Us

The Right Stuff Marketplace℠ (RSM) is a network meant to match and connect academic student research with businesses interested in unlocking and utilizing students’ vast resource of technical knowledge. Our team believes that this global reach of research knowledge is an untapped resource that could make a huge impact on the time and spending businesses require developing their projects. We are aiming to capture this knowledge and validate the tremendous value of this resource to provide students with an incredibly unique and powerful tool – RSM – to build both their resume and career through real-world experience.

This network combines two unique programs: Right Stuff Resume® (RSR) with an online marketplace for students looking to obtain internships from businesses and other available entities. That being said, the purpose of RSR is to showcase a student’s personality to complement their education and technical experience displayed in their RSM application. This in turn results in a more complete and verifiable resume for employers to take advantage of in the hiring process.

Employers have access to the RSM network where they can search and academic technical students looking for internships who best fit their project specifications.

The story behind the RSM mascot, Journey

“Symbolizes our TEAM’s journey – our venture and forward progress from this day, with the goal of achieving technological and business success in areas where we choose to participate. Part of our success will be defining appropriate destinations – initially determined by which challenges best fit our skills, abilities (present or reasonably attainable), and business objectives. In other words, identify achievable opportunities that make the most business sense, and as a team, make them happen. We must become proficient in dynamic changing environments, remain willing to listen to customers, and earn an outstanding reputation. In doing so, we position ourselves for the next leg of the Journey.” – Kumcha Bordonaro, TyRex Family Employee

Internship Benefits

  • Gain real world experience to obtain a head start toward a career in technology.
  • Online marketplace for students looking to obtain internships from businesses while never leaving their home, dorm room or institution’s lab.
  • Students will have the opportunity to have their qualifications reviewed by a number of entities who are interested in providing employment.

Business Benefits

  • Variable low cost research knowledge for hire into existing departments.
  • Assist small to medium-size companies with an affordable internal research process. Also connecting them to a development capability – addressing the need for continuous research support of developed technical ideas, products and programs.
  • Monitor RF Scientific, Ltd. research projects under development, research for sale and joint collaboration.