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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Wide-Field Optical Tomography Research Project

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We are pioneering wide-field optical tomography based on time-resolved patterned illumination for preclinical studies. Such innovative approach allows to acquire dense spatial and temporal tomographic data-sets over the animal whole-body at unprecedented acquisition speeds. In our instrumental approach, we have implemented a wide-field excitation scheme based on micromirror technology to generate time-resolved illumination patterns. This new approach offers numerous advantages compared to current excitation scheme:

i) exceptionally fast acquisition of spatially dense tomographic information over large volumes;

ii) injection of a greater number of photons into the overall tissue leading to measurements in transmittance with higher SNR, especially in fluorescence applications (greater sensitivity to minute fluorophore concentrations);

iii) higher number of useful detector measurements for pattern due to spatially extended sources;

iv) faster reconstructions (forward calculation and inversion) through the use of smaller weight matrices (owing to lower number of sources being used). Wide-field optical tomography allows for quantitative functional imaging and lifetime multiplexing studies.

Read research abstract here!